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BB GLow - MicroNeedling Training in Orange County The latest skin treatment! 🥰💞 We only have few spaces left!

Welcome to The Aura Beauty Academy

Teaching for The Aura Beauty Academy means sharing knowledge, experience and a genuine passion to an art that we have dedicated our lives to. It means supporting you to develop technical skills and trying to get the best out of you. Work hard, be patient and embrace the team spirit of learning with others to become colleagues and not competitors.

Everyone strives for their own image of perfect beauty, perfect eyebrows, perfect lips, perfect eyes…

Yet, perfection is hardly attainable so we were set on a mission to advance and refine our techniques to help people find their imperfect, yet beautiful and true beauty.

BB Glow/ Microneedling, Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Skincare Treatments will help you accentuate your already beautiful features.

14550 Magnolia Street, Suite 206, Westminster, CA 92683
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(714) 989 6268